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japanese live visuals: show reel

show-reel of the japanese pop visuals performed live on projector at various events. 

the video in the background features chinxxx, kim li, steven tu, louise eksteen, kidu & jarryd junkin. all animations were created in flash with majority of illustrated elements created in vector. this set is loud, bold and inspired by japanese kawaii culture. the visual style is cute, fun and cheeky. animation style is and original with its quirky timing and visual effects that make your eyeballs drool on the dance floor.

music by: fx fighter, track: “rats”


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mango mailers & website concept

it was fun working on the mango website concept and mailers, 2007. 

illustrated the mango plane in vectors. 

concept for the mango site. 

mango mailers. 

animation stills from mango site concept, displaying durban / johannesburg / cape town. 

chinxxx chop-chop animation

my chinxxx animation, “chop-chop”. created in 2006 in my 4th year in multimedia.